Tenor choral parts for each piece to be performed by the chorus during it’s 2018 Spring concert.  Arrangements made possible by the generous volunteer work of David Palmer and Robert Gadon.  Each audio file below can be downloaded for free from the ‘Tenor Choral Parts’ download page.

The SATB parts and entire composition of G.F. Handel’s ‘Coronation Anthem No. 4’ is also accessible at Cyberbass.  Click on your vocal part in the table, and then select ‘play’ on the page-embedded audio player. The player is located above the table that contains the active links to the vocal parts.

A Maiden Is In A Ring — Tenor

Alleluia, Christ Is Arisen — Tenor

Coronation Anthem No.4 — 1st Movement — Tenor

Coronation Anthem No.4 — 2nd Movement — Tenor

Coronation Anthem No.4 — 3rd Movement — Tenor

O My Luves Like a Red, Red Rose — Tenor

Shenandoah — Tenor I

Shenandoah — Tenor II